Rolex Date and Datejust. close siblings

Although they are closely related, the Date and Datejust are different watches Of course, in addition to case size, another way to distinguish them is to read the dial to see if it is marked DATE or DATEJUST.

In addition, the Rolex Date is available in fewer sizes and material options. Admittedly, the Date was once available in two-tone and all-gold versions. However, towards the end of its production run, the choice of materials and dials became more limited. On the other hand, the Datejust is Rolex’s most diverse collection and can be configured in countless ways thanks to the wide choice of sizes, materials, bracelets, and dials.yk

Rolex Date & Rolex Datejust Movements
The Date and Datejust often use the same movement since both watches have a date mechanism built into their movements. One of Rolex’s most iconic movements ever, the 3135, entered the market in the late 1980s and remained the movement of choice for both models until recently, when Rolex introduced the 3235 movements at Baselworld 2015. While Rolex began incorporating the new powerhouse movement into the Datejust collection, the Date retained the 3135 movements until it was discontinued in 2021. The movement isn’t an immediate difference, but it’s important nonetheless, especially in terms of overall performance.

For example, the 3235 caliber features a new Chronergy escapement that is 15% more efficient than the 3135. The newer movement also replaces the KIF-style shock absorber found in the 3135 with a new and improved Paraflex shock absorber. Through its redesign, the Caliber 3235 offers a power reserve of up to 70 hours, a considerable improvement over the 48-hour power reserve of the Caliber 3135.

No matter which one you choose for yourself, the Rolex Date and the classic Rolex Datejust are great everyday luxury fake watches that are immediately recognizable as Rolex models. The options for design sets seem endless, so it’s easy to find the perfect Date or Datejust to suit your lifestyle and budget.

The most Popular Bulgari Octo Roma Blue Carillon Tourbillon

Bulgari presented the first version of the Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon in January 2022. It features the case of the Octo family, but unlike the Octo Finissimo, which is a selective and in a way minimalist design, the Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon is more radical in style. Powered by the BVL 428 caliber, it is a tourbillon minute repeater that strikes the hours via three hammers and three gongs, as opposed to a traditional minute repeater, which strikes the hours via two gongs.
Normally, a minute repeater is constructed in such a way that the time is “read” from the position of the hands and the correct hours, quarters and minutes are transmitted to the hammers and gongs with the rack and snails all below the dial. The Octo Roma Blue Carillon Tourbillon has a platinum case with a blue titanium center. The watch is 44mm x 12.83mm overall. It was issued in a limited edition of 30 pieces worldwide and was priced at $317,000 at

This is an extraordinary cheap fake watches, but also a challenging one, as it combines a lot of very traditional high-end finishing with a deliberately angular, aggressive and architectural case design. While the watch uses many modern technical solutions – I guarantee you won’t find a pocket watch from 1885 with a case that has a perforated titanium center – the gongs are hardened steel and formed and annealed in the traditional way from steel wire.
So what you have is a combination of a very, very traditional complication, a very classic execution as far as finishing is concerned, but with a modern layout and a deliberately avant-garde case design, although I’m not sure that right-angled prongs are really avant-garde in the current watchmaking industry.

Whether you find such a thing useful will depend on – well, it will depend on whether you find it useful, I suppose. It reminds me of a restaurant that serves food based on classic French haute cuisine techniques – traditional knife work, sauces and recipes that trace their definitive lineage back to Nouvelle Cusine all the way to Fernand Point, if not Escoffier – but in a deliberately designed environment that contradicts the haute cuisine stereotype of what a fine dining establishment looks like contradict.
I rarely go to posh French restaurants so that I kind of want the whole white tablecloth and footstools, but I also understand that that kind of thing can look obvious and even a little depressing. This best swiss replica watches could have had a round rose gold case, a grand feu enamel dial and nothing to reveal its complexity except the minute repeater pushers, but it looks like an extension of the whole idiom of the minute repeater. It has plenty of company – these days we don’t expect anything out of the ordinary when it comes to chiming complications – but it offers a very special Bulgari solution of how to take a serious complication a little less seriously.

tips replica rolex watches online 

as one of the Swiss made luxury timepieces, rolex watches are well known for their good quality and high performance durability. a genuine rolex watch can last a lifetime. that makes them also one of the most frequently faked wristwatches.
If you found the rolex that you were looking for at a great price and think you found the best deal, you need to make sure that the watch you’re about to purchase is a genuine rolex. Sometimes when looking for the best price that will fit our budget we overlook the quality of the watch, and end up buying a replica instead.

fake rolex
So if you’re in the market for a genuine rolex watch and want to ensure that the watch you’re getting is authentic and not an elaborated copy, you need to look for the following:
the crown should not show any signs of glue on it. also, the watch should wind smooth and free, without the feel of the movement moving in the case. Cheap replica rolex watches might have the logo actually glued to the end of the crown and wouldn’t wind as smoothly as the genuine tag.
face of the watch
look closely inside the watch face. a genuine rolex should be clean and not have any sign of dust. If you notice dust, fingerprints, hair or anything else inside the watch, then the watch is fake.
the dial
the printing on the face should be sharp and clear and not fuzzy or blurry. a real rolex has clear printing and is very easy to read.
Most rolex watches use a chemical called luminova. It makes the hand and the dial glow in the dark and helps you read the time in the dark. a fake tag will not glow as bright as the real tag – the display will glow poorly or not at all.
Swiss made
find the words Swiss Made on the bottom of the face. Some fakes actually say Japanese Movement, which is not printed on any real rolex watches.
watch Case
rolex’s case is made of black suede. the rolex emblem is engraved on the bottom, which is unique to the rolex name and design.
Certificate of authenticity
all rolex watches are delivered to the buyer with a Certificate of authenticity. before paying the requested price for a rolex, require a Certificate of authenticity. Your watch will have a number unique to that watch only. If the dealer cannot provide the document, it’s probably a fake watch.
the band
Check the band for links. Just look for a left and right piece to each of the links. fakes will have solid links, or they may have a line on them that’s supposed to fool you into thinking the links are two pieces.

Most Popular Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Watches 

Rolex replica watchRolex has made one of the biggest breakthroughs in its great history, and created the first model to feature the programmable countdown with the mechanical memory, The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II is a revolutionary regatta chronograph, with the top end functionality that even overshadowed the brand’s striking sport luxury.
This replica model is a huge improvement forwarded from the original Yacht-Master that was presented in 1992, more as a prestigious time-telling device, than as a special, advanced tool for professional skippers. A little change of the name and a huge innovation inside the case has made the new Rolex yachting watch very much popular and well-known.
The most interesting feature on the Yacht-Master II is the rotating Ring Command bezel which starts and locks the countdown programming for the beginning of a regatta, by the permanent interaction with the mechanism. This very nice tool offers the best synchronization between the chronograph and the official yacht race countdown.
Thanks to the new Caliber 4160 self-winding movement, it has made it possible with the mechanical programmable countdown function. Completely crafted by the replica Rolex, this superb mechanism can be programmed (and easily changed) to countdown time, 10 minutes or less, before the start.
The system is conducted by a column wheel and a vertical clutch along with the blue PARACHROM hairspring, which are the major qualities of the newest Rolex mechanisms. Inside the rather tough Oyster case, they guarantee high precision, reliability and stability.
The fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II has a huge, masculine case, with the diameter of 44 mm. This uncharacteristic size for Rolex family allows the easy use of hi-tech features and big readability, providing a clear view at the countdown counter and the small second sub-dial.
There are three variations of this regatta timepiece. The first one is made of yellow gold and features the special Cerachrom bezel, covered with the scratch and corrosion proof, non-fading ceramic disk. The second model is crafted in white gold and possesses a one-piece platinum bezel, with raised numerals. The latest Yacht-Master II for men, presented at Baselworld 2017, is the first and best Oyster Professional timepiece which comes in Everose Rolesor – a combination of the 904L steel superalloy and Everose gold.

Beautiful Fake Rolex Cellini Watch 

According to a collection of the newly established Cellini, it is the first time for the replica Rolex watch to publicize its fresh Dual Time model of classical elegance. This figured out timepiece consists of an indication for the second time zone, as the name showed to us. Each and every function working is followed by an internal self-winding automatic movement. The watch lends itself to the smaller sized 39 mm wide housing and extrudes a characteristic dual bezel that it is the identifiable peculiarity of the new serial number. The graceful sunray guilloche motif on the replica Rolex Cellini Dual Time dial becomes in either silver or black color. Either white or eternal rose gold casing will be matched with these colors. Then, the price of the watch has been set by Rolex.replica rolex watch
At this year’s Baselworld 2017, the replica Rolex is abundant in its palette of goods with the new Cellini line that celebrates conventional values and presents formal looking upper-scale timekeepers. Dual Time is one of three original models from the collection. Incidentally, the whole collection is named from the Renaissance by the famed Italian sculptor and goldsmith. The name is chosen emblematically while the collection returns to the brand’s heritage and classical values, to some extent, which have been somewhat discarded in the last few years. One of the most characteristic traits of all the Cellini newcomers that they are also visible in Dual Time timepiece, is the presence of a exact looking bezel which consists of two parts. While the inner part is domed, the other part is remarkably fluted. In addition, the case of the novel model is made in white or the Rolex’s typical Everose red gold. In spite of the material, the housing has polished finish and the diameter of 39 mm, while its back side is domed, which is another slight classical feature.
Under the domed sapphire crystal of the timepiece there is an understated dial with a sunray guilloche motif. Made without any extra details, but still looking extremely attractive, it has hour markers and hands made of 18 K gold. The second time sub-dial lies at the bottom of the face and made with Arabic numerals. It has a small hole which shows either sun or moon and it shows us if it is day or night in that time zone.
All the features on the watches are on the basis of the manufacture replica Rolex automatic-winding movement with 31 rubies. It indeed features the Rolex’s own blue Parachrom hairsping with Breguet overcoil by beating at the frequency of 4 Hz. And about the power reserve, it could work about 2 days.
As far as the attachment, the Copy Rolex chose a shiny alligator as leather strap with large reptilian scales. The watch band is changed, it matches the material of the variation’s case with a gold clasp. Mostly, the leather strap are made in black color, but only the one with a rose gold case and a silver dial is connected with a brown one.