The History of Tudor Snowflake Hands 

Love it or not, the ‘snowflake’ hand is an iconic design feature of the Tudor sport replica watch. The angular hands, which date back 50 years, and its distinctive look has been linked to some of the most popular models of the Tudors. Learn more about the origins of the Tudor snowflake hand.
In 1954, Tudor launched the oyster prince Submariner dive replica watch – a year after its parent company, Rolex, released the Submariner. The first-generation Tudor Submariner, starting with the number 7922, is fitted with a 37mm case(waterproof to 100m), a black diver’s bezel marked for 60 minutes, and a screw-down Rolex winding crown. Tudor also released other references to the 7,900 series, culminating in the Submariner model 7928, which introduced the crown guard into the model and claimed to have added a 200m waterproofing rating.
The second generation of Tudor Submariner was released in 1968, with the introduction of Submariner model 7016 and Submariner date 7021. Except the new movement, the two Tudor submarine diving watches include a new dial design.The dial has a square luminous time mark, a second hand with luminous square details, and a luminous time mark with a large angular tip.

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The reason behind these bold design is to provide more surface area on the dial for luminescence, thus offering better readability while scuba diving in low light conditions. In addition, because of their unique shape, the hands are instantly recognizable to each other, minimizing the possibility of a diver confusing the minute hand with the hour hand while diving in turbid water. Because of their atypical appearance, this particular group of hands earned the nickname “the snowflake hand” – now officially used by the Tudors.
Some Tudor scholars and collectors speculated that the design details were influenced by the French marines. For decades, Tudor supplied Submariner watches for French navy (and U.S. navy) submarines. They are just the references listed in the directory, and the organizations selected them. But the larger hands were rumored to have appeared after the French navy asked for more lighting on the dial. Soon after, Tudor adopted this design change and implemented it on a regular replica rolex watches. In any case, Tudor eventually stopped making Submariner watches altogether in 1999.
Today, the famous snowflake hand is used in the Tudor Pelagos and black bay. The Pelagos is the brand’s modern diving watch, with a 42mm titanium case, a 500m waterproof rating, a self-winding movement and a unidirectional ceramic bezel.
On the other hand, the Tudor Black Bay collection is a retro inspired collection that includes many different styles, including dive watches, GMT watches, chronographs and even simple but sporty timepieces. The signature snowflake hands are a common design feature of all black bay watches, regardless of model, size, material or color. Just as Mercedes style hands are integral to the overall look of a Rolex sport watch, snowflake hands are an important part of Tudor’s most popular sport watch line.They are a prominent homage to Tudor’s long and illustrious history, and now feature in many of the brand’s contemporary products.