tips replica rolex watches online 

as one of the Swiss made luxury timepieces, rolex watches are well known for their good quality and high performance durability. a genuine rolex watch can last a lifetime. that makes them also one of the most frequently faked wristwatches.
If you found the rolex that you were looking for at a great price and think you found the best deal, you need to make sure that the watch you’re about to purchase is a genuine rolex. Sometimes when looking for the best price that will fit our budget we overlook the quality of the watch, and end up buying a replica instead.

fake rolex
So if you’re in the market for a genuine rolex watch and want to ensure that the watch you’re getting is authentic and not an elaborated copy, you need to look for the following:
the crown should not show any signs of glue on it. also, the watch should wind smooth and free, without the feel of the movement moving in the case. Cheap replica rolex watches might have the logo actually glued to the end of the crown and wouldn’t wind as smoothly as the genuine tag.
face of the watch
look closely inside the watch face. a genuine rolex should be clean and not have any sign of dust. If you notice dust, fingerprints, hair or anything else inside the watch, then the watch is fake.
the dial
the printing on the face should be sharp and clear and not fuzzy or blurry. a real rolex has clear printing and is very easy to read.
Most rolex watches use a chemical called luminova. It makes the hand and the dial glow in the dark and helps you read the time in the dark. a fake tag will not glow as bright as the real tag – the display will glow poorly or not at all.
Swiss made
find the words Swiss Made on the bottom of the face. Some fakes actually say Japanese Movement, which is not printed on any real rolex watches.
watch Case
rolex’s case is made of black suede. the rolex emblem is engraved on the bottom, which is unique to the rolex name and design.
Certificate of authenticity
all rolex watches are delivered to the buyer with a Certificate of authenticity. before paying the requested price for a rolex, require a Certificate of authenticity. Your watch will have a number unique to that watch only. If the dealer cannot provide the document, it’s probably a fake watch.
the band
Check the band for links. Just look for a left and right piece to each of the links. fakes will have solid links, or they may have a line on them that’s supposed to fool you into thinking the links are two pieces.